Clickbox Studio is an award winning team founded by Gregory Beylerian and Jose Zakany. A partnership built on a mutual love of photography, cameras (their click boxes) and photographing people. Beylerian and Zakany have spent the last ten years developing photographic techniques and exploring new ideas in contemporary photography. Their synergy together, harmonious collaborative dynamic and mutual love of photography inspired the birth of Clickbox Studio.

Clickbox Studio hit the ground running and has been working successfully on a diverse and dynamic range of projects spanning the music industry, film and television, fashion, ad campaigns, syndication, editorial and wedding.

Clickbox Studio has avoided being “boxed in” to a particular genre of photography. Their focus is about pursuing the love of photographing people.

Clickbox Studio has already become known for their “look”, which continues to evolve thru their fascination with finding new ways of lighting their subjects, while keeping the freedom and spontaneity often found in editorial and environmental photography.

Clickbox studio has developed close working relationships with top manufacturers of photographic equipment to discover and promote new possibilities, methods and trends in producing contemporary imagery.

Their photographic work appears in contemporary galleries, museums, ad campaigns, large scale installations, billboards, magazines, album covers and other mediums.

The photography Studio is centrally located at the corner of San Vicente Blvd and 5th just a few blocks away from The Beverly Center.

Premier Wedding Photography

Clickbox Studio offers premiere wedding photography for couples who want their most important day to be captured by a team devoted to the highest standards of image making. Our mission is to create photographs that reveal all the beauty and magic of your wedding day which will be cherished and enjoyed for generations.

Clickbox Studio has become known for their “Look” of capturing subjects beautifully while keeping the freedom and spontaneity of the moment.

Clickbox Studio’s work also appears in galleries and museums, celebrity syndication, ad campaigns, magazines and album covers.

Clickbox Studio provides a full range of photographic products and services for your wedding. Make an appointment to meet the team, view our work and discuss the wedding photography.

The Clickbox Studio Location

Behind The Scenes

Clickbox Studio has been developing new methods in capturing environmental portraits in low light by integrating the latest innovations in camera, continuous lighting and battery technology.

Never before were still photographers so easily able to merge the beautiful ambiance of low light environments with a balanced, professionally lit subject because of the constraints in camera ISO, poor auto focus performance in darkness and sustainable power availability on location.

Clickbox Studio in it’s search to find the best tools to accomplish this new approach has been working closely with Kino Flo, Nikon and LibertyPak to establish a successful professional workflow. The Kino Flo continuos lights are able to provide a beautiful professional quality light source with low power consumption. LibertyPak’s “Little Jenny” has proved to offer the longest reliable power for multiple lights in a portable battery that is ideal for our on location gorilla style photo shoots. The newest Nikon cameras have demonstrated the best low light images from environments that were once very difficult or impossible to shoot in.

Many of the images found in this catalog are a result of our research and development in low light environmental photography. It is our love of photography, the wonderful collaborations with our models, inhouse fashion designer & stylist, assistants and the gracious support of the manufacturers who shared in this vision that made it possible.

Thank You! Gregory Beylerian & Jose Zakany

Continuous Lighting Workshop With Kinoflow and Samy’s Camera

Continuous Lighting for HDSLR Photography

Lecture and Demo by Gregory Beylerian and Jose Zakany of Clickbox Studio

In association with Kino-Flo Lighting Systems

March 17th from 6:00pm-9:00pm

At the Kino-Flo Headquarters location

2840 North Hollywood Way, Burbank California USA 91505

HDSLR Cameras have opened up many new opportunities for creating both still and moving imagery – even simultaneously.  With these new opportunities comes a whole new way of how to approach a shoot, especially when it comes to lighting.  For photographers who are utilizing the full capacity of their HDSLR cameras, strobe and flash lighting just simply fail, but continuous lighting sources are the perfect solution.  

Greg and Jose will show the versatility of continuous lighting for both still and motion, studio and location shoots.  They will start the evening speaking on how they have successfully adopted continuous lighting into their shoots.  They will then move into discussing other variables of continuous lighting such as: workflow, portability for location shooting, combining with ambient light, ISO concerns, syncing with strobes, power consumption, flexibility with color temperatures, creative control, and much more. 

After discussing these points they will move outside to show the workflow in action! Greg and Jose will demonstrate different set-ups during a mock location shoot with a model and give you the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the different scenarios proving that continuous lighting sets a new standard.