100 Year Journey at The Burbank Mall


The 100 Year Journey Installation was invited to be installed at The Burbank Mall. A retail store front was transformed into a gallery / portal experience where Mall goers were invited to view the artworks and participate in the making of Peace Flags.


To view this project in detail, please CLICK HERE


100_year_journey_install_burbank_mall_by_gregory_beylerian_1100_year_journey_install_burbank_mall_by_gregory_beylerian_6 100_year_journey_install_burbank_mall_by_gregory_beylerian_5 100_year_journey_install_burbank_mall_by_gregory_beylerian_4 100_year_journey_install_burbank_mall_by_gregory_beylerian_3


100 Year Journey at The Zorayan Museum


“The 100 Year Journey is not only an exploration and celebration of a peoples’ proud ancient and spiritual history, it is a dialogue of peace.”


The 100 Year Journey Installation has been described as a “portal” constructed from the following artworks created by Gregory Beylerian: 4 paintings, 39 works on paper, hundreds of photographs, two video projections, a soundtrack and commentary writings by Father Vazken Movsesian.



Life 100 Group Exhibition



An exhibition in honor of the 100 year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

In commemoration of the 100th year recognition of the 1915 Armenian Genocide, Life:100 presents works of master modern and contemporary artists of Armenian descent.

March 15 – April 30, 2015


The organizers’ goals are to display the inspiring resilience, strength, creativity, and celebrate the contribution of artists of Armenian descent in re-establishing cultural identity and building creative spirit for the future.  The art works selected for this exhibition come from Southern California private collections and galleries.



Pole Couture Exhibit and Live Performance at iam8bit Gallery


  • “Grace & Ritual” – Group Exhibition at iam8bit from May 9 to June 1, 2014
  • Judith Bodart Beylerian exhibited new couture pieces with the beautiful and graceful performances of pole dancers.
  • To view the photographic works presented at this exhibition, click here.
  • To view the couture of Judith Bodart Beylerian, click here.
  • The event photos were taken by: Jose Zakany
  • Pole Dancers: Elena Anishchenko, Brynn Route, Kate Lee


ADG Exhibit at JNA Gallery / Bergamot Station

Below are Install and opening night photos with a custom made Katana inspired by Miyamoto Musashi at the center of the wall Installation.

Miyamoto Musashi was a master Japanese swordsman and philosopher. He was also an accomplished artist, sculptor and calligrapher. He emphasized in his writings the importance of study in multiple disciplines.

I placed the katana at the center of this installation as an homage to him and to reflect the shared belief in the value of training in multiple disciplines (as an artist) to further develop the self.

beylerian-beylerian-6272 beylerian-6273 beylerian-6277 beylerian-6285 beylerian-6286



Joan Joan Joan – Group Exhibit – John Wayne Airport



John Wayne Airport* presents  Joan, Joan, Joan! One Subject, Many Artists. Curated by Amanda Quinn Olivar & Cheryl Bookout, this selection of portraits from the Quinn family collection is comprised of nearly 200 artists’ interpretations of the same subject – their friend and patroness of the arts Joan Quinn. These works provide a link to the vibrant art scene in Los Angeles and around  the world from the 1960s through  today, giving a glimpse into

friendships established and maintained over the years. Joan’s wide-ranging activities in the arts helped generate a continuum  of portraits   by many artists, some of whom had never made one before.  This exhibit offers a rare opportunity to see into the minds of artists through their diverse styles, and how they approach one subject over the course ofmore than 50 years.  This body of work is a comprehensive study in portraiture.

Artists included are Peter Alexander, Gregory Beylerian, Silvina Der-Meguerditchian, Shepard Fairey,

Claire Falkenstein, Frank Gehry, Yolanda Gonzalez, Joe Goode, Chaz Guest, David Hockney, Henry

Hopkins, George Hurrell, Antonio Lopez, Gilbert Lujan Magu, Robert Mapplethorpe, Astrid Preston, Alexis Smith,

Beatrice Wood & Zandra Rhodes and Ed Ruscha.

San Vicente Exhibit – Prints & Paintings

san-vicente-opening-gregory-beylerian-1 san-vicente-opening-gregory-beylerian-2 san-vicente-opening-gregory-beylerian-3 san-vicente-opening-gregory-beylerian-4

Showing recent paintings, drawings and photographs.

MOPLA Group Show



Printed on metallic paper and fused between two sheets of pure grade acrylic and mounted on a floating wall mount.

MOPLA Group Show hosted by Smashbox Studios Culver City.
This big show of Los Angeles-based photographers was curated by Hossein Farmani (Lucie Foundation) and Dee deLara (Smashbox Studios). Don’t miss this show of almost 70 photographs by LA’s finest. Food provided by Food Fetish. Music provided by IE.

Group Show at Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery


This was the closing exhibition for The Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery. A group show with the artists the gallery has been working with for over 22 years. They were the first gallery to include me in an exhibition when I was 17 years old.

Gaza Rebirth, Group Exhibit for Peace



A collaborative exhibition featuring the work of 50 artists is underway in the Hudson Valley. The exhibit, titled “Gaza Rebirth: Artists in Solidarity,” seeks to raise awareness of Gaza’s plight as well as Israelis’ and Palestinians’ struggle to foster mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence. Fifty percent of all sales will be donated to the children of Gaza.
“Gaza Rebirth” will kick off with a public celebration on June 21 (summer solstice) at the Baraka complex in Stanfordville, NY (12-7) and thereafter will remain open to the public every weekend through August 21.
Maxwell Kofi Donkor, international and national known master drummer from Ghana will perform live at the opening celebration. Kofi leads drum circles for children, has been very influential in the arts-in-education program in schools and communities in the Tri-State region and has played with world-renowned drummers, like Baba Olatunje and Mickey Hart. He believes in the use of cultural arts as a conduit in community building, teamwork, leadership, diversity and self-esteem.
“Gaza Rebirth” organized and curated by Kardash Onnig, a Hudson Valley-based sculptor, activist, author, inventor, and toymaker is based on the concept of what he calls “symbiotic synthesis,” which has deep roots in Kardash’s Armenian background. For example, in the 4thcentury, following a millennium of conflict between the Armenians and the Parthians, a common alphabet was invented to facilitate communication between the two nations which was the first major step towards peace.


This intention for this artwork was to express a visual merging of two flags, two identities, two peoples hearts into one. Using the topographical landscape as an underlying component to the trauma and the solution. Using Onnig’s Torso as the symbolic union via the maternal essence of the universal mother. Gaza Stripped is the path to truth, in saying, when a person is stripped of their clothes, their cultural identity, we can begin to see the common component, The humanity of both people’s – In us all…

New Works and collaborations at San Vicente

This opening at The San Vicente Studio presented new works on paper and photographic prints made in collaboration with Jose Zakany.

san_vicente_studio_beylerian_1 san_vicente_studio_beylerian_2 san_vicente_studio_beylerian_3 san_vicente_studio_beylerian_4 san_vicente_studio_beylerian_5

Jacques Memorial Exhibit

Jacques was the first person to exhibit my work. He dedicated his first gallery ( a transformed train caboose) to highlight both young up and coming artists and his love for the modern masters such as Kandinsky. This exhibit represented the works of 100 artists for whom he celebrated, coming together to celebrate him.

jaques_memorial_exhibit jaques_memorial_exhibit_by_beylerian_1 jaques_memorial_exhibit_2 jaques_memorial_exhibit_3

City Hall Exhibit – Los Angeles


Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo

cordially invites you

to  a reception showcasing the work of artist

 Gregory Beylerian

at Los Angeles City Hall

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 5:00 p.m.

The Office of the City Attorney

Los Angeles City Hall, East 200 North Main Street, 8th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90012

42nd Street Exhibition at The Atelier, N.Y.C.


Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery Exhibit



Paintings and mixed media portraits on canvas were show at this beautiful gallery space.

bc_gallery_beylerian_1 bc_gallery_beylerian_2 bc_gallery_beylerian_3 bc_gallery_beylerian_4 bc_gallery_beylerian_5

Divine Curvature Exhibit

This Exhibition highlighted a new series of works entitled “Divine Curvature”. Here are some photographs from the opening night.

divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_2 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_3 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_4 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_5 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_6 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_7 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_8 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_9 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_10 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_11 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_12 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_13 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_14 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_15 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_16 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_17 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_18 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_19 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_20 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_21 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_22 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_23 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_24 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_25 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_26 divine_curvature_exhibit_beylerian_27

PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris – Exhibit, honorable mention

Received honorable mention and part of group exhibition at 13 Sévigné Gallery in Paris.

The “Prix de la Photographie, Paris” (Px3) strives to promote the appreciation of photography, to discover emerging talent, and introduce photographers from around the world to the artistic community of Paris.




3 Works at The Museum of Arts & Design





Have a Seat!
The Beylerian Collection of
Small Chairs

June 28 – October 28, 2007

Pretenders and Promoters: Although many believe that early small chairs were salesman’s samples and the work of apprentices, documentation supporting this notion is minimal. The contemporary furniture industry, however, has created its own version of sample chairs in the form of advertising or promotional miniatures, such as the “Patio Chaise Lounge,” that faithfully reproduce (and remind us of) their products.

Americana: Many small chairs date back to the 19th century when models were required with every submission to the U.S Patent office.  The “Adirondack Chair” is based on a style popular in the late nineteenth century.

Outdoor, Twigs and Logs: At the turn of the twentieth century, paralleling the Arts and Crafts movement was a back-to-nature movement which included “rustic” furniture made out of unfinished branches and logs. The miniature versions are, of course, made out of twigs.

Transformed Chairs: Humble scraps such as the wires from champagne corks, cigarette wrappers, tin cans and clothespins are the materials of traditional folk art chairs. More recent variations suggest that small chairs can be made of just about anything. The possibilities range from the durable – stones, circuit boards, scouring pads, bottle caps – to the most ephemeral, wheat straw.  Those made of cutlery, a bagel, even a hotdog and its bun are witty metaphors of function. Recycling and the use of “green” materials are frequently found in these transformations.

Flights of Fantasy: Artist and Designer Chairs:  Chairs are rich in cultural and aesthetic connotations, and, as such, appeal to artists who design and make seats of major and minor proportions. At the small scale, artists explore a wide range of meanings and symbols linked to the concept of the chair.

Small Comforts: In the late 17th century, furniture design changed dramatically with the growing use of fabric and upholstery.  Elegantly carved and painted chairs had always been signs for status and wealth; now, late in the history of furniture, comfort was added to the expectations of the chair. By the next century, easy chairs, padded and capacious were part of every well-appointed drawing room. The invention of the coiled metal spring in the 19th century further enhanced the comfort level.  The modernist “Lounge Chair” and the “Art Deco Chair” demonstrate the definition of comfort for two different historical styles.

Basic and Classic: Miniature versions of classic furniture styles are prized by collectors. It is possible to document the historical evolution of the chair at this convenient scale.  The explosion of design variations in the 20th century added greatly to the number of models to be acquired.  Examples in the exhibition range from a 17th century carved chair to 20th century icons by Josef Hoffmann, Gerrit Rietveld, Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Seats of Power: The history of the chair – an elevated seat equipped with back and arms – cannot be separated from the history of power and status.  Thrones for rulers are known as early as the Babylonian period but the Egyptians may have made some the first true chairs. These early forms were exclusive, used by a select few, lifting a chosen one above the masses gathered below.  Rich ornamentation, fine woods and dramatic scale reinforced the status of gods and kings alike. A glittering example is King Tut’s throne, made as a promotional chair for the 1978 exhibition.

Power and Beauty Exhibit


Power & Beauty Exhibit At the Seyhoun Gallery located at 9007 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood, CA. 90069

A new collection of works, video installation and new 420 page limited edition art book  entitled “Power & Beauty”. There was also a live performance art poetry reading from the book.

Opening reception: Saturday May 12th, 2007  – Live performance at 8pm

Exhibition: May 12 – 28th, 2007

To view the book, click here.

To view the artwork, click here

The opening night reception was a full house, view the photos below (shot by Jose Zakany):

Paris – L.A. Exhibit at Union Station

PARIS – L.A. (A collaborative Fashion show by Judith Beylerian , Art Exhibition, poetry and live performance art  presented at the beautiful Union Station in downtown Los Angeles.

To view the fashion of Judith Beylerian, visit: www.judithbeylerian.com

To view the Artworks exhibited, click here.


The new Collection presented by Judith Beylerian:

fashion by judith beylerian

photo by: Gregory Beylerian


Still from the live Performance art piece:


Photo by: Jose Zakany


The Cast and Crew:


Photo by: Jose Zakany


Photos from the opening night:

PARIS – L.A. 2006 Cast & Crew

Couture By:

Judith Bodart Beylerian


Illya Duzhina

Suzanne Mitnick

Performed By:

Abby Wills

Allison Black

Alma Cielo

Rachel Lesner

David Desantos

Carlo Rota

Barry Kramer

Video Shot at Union Station (L.A.) By:

Tara McVicar Pulier

Video Support:

Greg Pulier

Ari Macht

Event Photographer:

Jose Zakany

Poetry Read By:

Barry Kramer

Poetry By:

Gregory Beylerian

Dark Eagle Performed By:

Crystal D’Angora

(Black paint applied by Cory

Artwork hung with:

Steven Yeager

Music By:

Gnarls Barkley & Jack Johnson



The Coffin Show: Between Life and Death




  • Coffin is 36″ tall and constructed from spruce, acrylic, electronic computer boards, paint brushes and other artists mediums. The cerebral component is a poem hanging from the wall that has accompanying images depicting a woman bringing herself to orgasm. As the French like to call it, “A little death”. Thus the name of the piece…


Opening Night Photos by Jose Zakany:



Black Maria Gallery Presents
“The Coffin Show: Between Life and Death”

Los Angeles – Black Maria Gallery announced the opening of a new exhibition, entitled “The Coffin Show: Between Life and Death” featuring the works of 16 Los Angeles-area artists. The exhibition will open on October 8 at 7:00pm and will remain open until Wednesday, November 2.

According to gallery owner Zara Zeitountsian, each of the participating artists was given an actual coffin and asked to transform it into a work of art and a personal statement.

“Given the diverse stylistic and cultural backgrounds of the artists, their individual points of view, I think we’ll have a quite a collection of creative approaches to the theme,” said Zeitountsian. “In terms of pure functionality, a coffin is certainly one of the most somber, unsightly objects imaginable, meant to be forever buried or tucked away following a funeral service. But redefine it as a work of art, and it springs to life in all sorts of unexpected ways.”

Sam Saghatelian (Saga), curator of Black Maria Gallery, continued: “In Western culture and many other cultures around the world, the funeral, and more specifically the coffin, can be viewed as a halfway point between the enigma of life and the mystery of death. As a receptacle for the dead, a coffin is perhaps the only concrete, tactile punctuation mark between the two realms. The works shown in our exhibition represent the artists’ personal take on death – and, as importantly, life – through the prism of the funerary object.”

Participants of “The Coffin Show” comprise both established and emerging local artists, who have used various media for their exhibited works.

Black Maria Gallery also announced that a portion of the proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to the “Caravan of Hope” project, launched by KPFK and Veterans for Peace Chapter 110 Orange County, CA for victims of the recent hurricane that devastated The Gulf Coast.

“The Coffin Show” will kick off on Saturday, October 8, at 7 PM, and will remain open until Wednesday, November 2.
Black Maria is located at 3137 Glendale Boulevard in Los Angeles. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 12 to 6 PM. For more information, call 818.613.9090.

Selected Faces – Exhibit at Bergamot Station

Invite for “Selected Faces” an exhibit of works on paper from the Flow Lines Collection exhibited at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA. for 6 weeks.selected_faces_exhibit_bergamot_station_invite_by_gregory_beylerian

Origins Exhibit at Seyhoun Gallery

Origins Exhibit at Seyhoun Gallery

Selected Paintings, works on paper, bodyworks painted photographs and art film.

Saturday March 25, 2006  6-9pm

Performance Art at 8pm

Come opening night to experience the first ArtCast, an interactive online video link from the gallery to the internet and back. Artist powered by IVT Web

Log on to www.gregorybeylerian.com to see and experience opening night, watch the performance art, see the artwork and interact with the gallery goers.

To view the paintings, Click Here.

To view the works on paper, Click Here.

To view the Origins Painted Forms, Click Here.

Origins Art Video video (edited by Ari Macht):

Installation Photos:


Opening Night Photos (shot by Jose Zakany):


Performance & poetry By:

Gregory Beylerian


Abby Wills

Norma Zakany

Judith Bodart Beylerian

Lunabelle Beylerian

Poetry Read By:

Barry Kramer

Video shot By:

Tara McVikar

Music By:

Yeghish Manukian…………………Duduk

Bedenya Les Freres………………Drums


6 Degrees of Separation from Warhol – Group Exhibit


Portrait of Andy Warhol


  • Size: 40″ x 40″ / 2 tones available
  • Medium: Ink and pigment on museum quality watercolor paper.

Crazy Beautiful Exhibit & Fashion Show

Crazy Beautiful, a fashion show collaboration with Judith and Gregory Beylerian. Judith appropriates the art and photographs of Gregory, incorporating them into her one of a kind creations. This exhibition of the pieces and live fashion show were presented at the beautiful all white 30,000 square foot exhibition space H1 Gallery in the North Hollywood Arts district.

Photographs of some of the pieces presented:


Photos from the fashion show:



Animals Group Exhibition

animals_exhibitdark eagle painting


  • April 30 to May 29, 2005 at Paris-Kent-New York Gallery
  • Animal themed group exhibition including artists: John Carey, Sandra Filippucci, Clemance Gregory, Red Grooms, Herve Guilleux, Richard Lindner, Karen Petersen, Joy Taylor, Peter Woytuk, Gregory Beylerian  and others.


Museum of Modern Art, Yerevan – Permanent Collection



  • Exhibit: April 24 – June 7, 2005 – Museum of Modern Art, Yerevan
  • Artwork in permanent collection: Saint Genocide – 48″ x 60″ built from 4″x5″ prints
  • Artists from countries who have genocide in their history were asked to participate in this exhibition. “Saint Genocide” is inspired by a compassionate historical Armenian saint. This work of art is weaved together with Armenian cultural images of various delicacies, dancing, churches, art and the Armenian flag. Strewn among these beautiful aspects of a culture are the tragic crimes of burned bodies, decapitated heads and starving children.

Body Language Exhibition

Body_language_exhibit_interior_gregory_beylerian_4 Body_language_exhibit_interior_gregory_beylerian-1 Body_language_exhibit_interior_gregory_beylerian_8 Body_language_exhibit_interior_gregory_beylerian_5 Body_language_exhibit_interior_gregory_beylerian_6 Body_language_exhibit_interior_gregory_beylerian_7 Body_language_exhibit_interior_gregory_beylerian_3 Body_language_exhibit_interior_gregory_beylerianBody_language_exhibit_interior_gregory_beylerian_11 Body_language_exhibit_interior_gregory_beylerian_10Body_language_exhibit_interior_gregory_beylerian_12 Body_language_exhibit_interior_gregory_beylerian_9 Body_language_exhibit_interior_gregory_beylerian_13


  • Body Language is a collaborative exhibition with Greg and Jude Beylerian, exhibiting Paintings, photography,  sculpture,  a couture fashion show and live performances.

Museum Exhibition at A.L.M.A.

alma_exhibit_gregory_beylerian_1 alma_exhibit_gregory_beylerian_4 alma_exhibit_gregory_beylerian_2 alma_exhibit_gregory_beylerian_5 alma_exhibit_gregory_beylerian_3 alma_exhibit_gregory_beylerian_6 alma_exhibit_gregory_beylerian_7



  • May 14 to August 8, 2004 – Armenian Library and Museum of America – Boston, CT
  • An exhibition merging the influences of art, haute couture and photography. This was an installation that included two joining spaces. Overhead was 2000 meditational line drawings that were hung from criss crossing clothes lines and clips. Wild costumes hung next to their relevent photographic paintings.

Wild Wheels at The Peterson Automotive Museum




  • February 8 – May 26 2003 “Wild Wheels” at the Petersen Automotive Museum
  • Wild Wheels: Art for the Road highlights a contemporary art form that responds to the automobile’s influence on American life and culture. Featuring a dozen exciting, humorous, and visually powerful automobiles that have been painted, sculpted, and otherwise creatively adorned, the exhibition demonstrates the range and variety of the Art Car phenomenon as well as the techniques, motivations, and inspirations of some of its artists.


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