Time Pieces

“Timepieces” is a series of paintings commissioned in France in 2013. This project was born from a question posed by the commissioner, “What can we do with these 100 year old partially destroyed and neglected oil paintings found at garage sales and flea markets?” I had already explored the experience of transforming works by other deceased artists, the first being an oil paining of flowers by my grandmother. I approached this process not to be a disregard or dishonoring of the artwork that was already in existence, instead I looked at the experience as a kind of collaboration or a continuing. By addressing art as a part of “creation” the notion is that the artist is not the creator so much as the hand of the creator / creation. The creative process applied to these found canvases was not intended as an intrusion,  rather a revitalization,  a renewal of the bond with the current owner and a “passing of the baton” from one artist to an other artist over a period of  “Time”.

collection of transformed oil paintings