“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla


A Multi-Dimensional Journey: “Resonance” Art Event Unveils an Immersive Fusion of Art, Human Connection, and Metaverse

Venice Beach, California — September 14th, 2023 — The creative space at Vatom Headquarters in Venice Beach, California, became the epicenter of a groundbreaking fusion of art and technology as “Resonance” took center stage. This extraordinary event not only unfolded in the physical realm but extended its immersive embrace to the metaverse, offering a truly unique experience that blurred the line between reality and the digital realm.

“Resonance” represents an intricate and multi-faceted experience that pushes the boundaries of conventional art and collaboration. Conceived by the visionary studio of Gregory and Judith Beylerian in collaboration with the acclaimed multimedia artist Marcela Nowak, this exceptional event brought together diverse attendees to engage in a fully immersive experience aimed at creating resonance amongst the participants.

This immersive journey included a fusion of ritualistic practices, visually stunning art, interactive soundscapes, and dance. To enhance the interactive aspect, the event harnessed cutting-edge online engagement technologies provided by Vatom Inc., enabling participants to connect and interact with the event on an entirely new level. Ultimately, “Resonance” sought to transcend traditional boundaries and offer a multi-dimensional experience that left an indelible impact on all attendees.

The event commenced with an enlightening artist talk titled “The Power of Resonance.” Gregory Beylerian, an internationally acclaimed multi-disciplinary artist known for transcribing energy into captivating art forms, guided attendees through an engaging journey using his dynamic flow technique, accompanied by a contemporary ritual drum circle.

Notably, the event featured a mesmerizing performance by dancers Leah Russell, Megan Kinney, and Emily Wilson, who were adorned in the exceptional garments meticulously crafted by couture artist Judith Bodart Beylerian. Judith, renowned for her one-of-a-kind bespoke fashion creations, jewels, and accessories, has graced international celebrities, artists, and dignitaries with her transformative designs.

Throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to view Marcela Nowak’s captivating collection of acrylic paintings, adding an extra layer of depth to the overall sensory experience. Marcela Nowak, a visionary Polish multimedia artist and celebrated recipient of the Red Dot Award, seamlessly intertwines botanical and coral motifs in her intricate painting collection, “Flowessence,” creating sensations that bridge the gap between the terrestrial and the aquatic.

Additionally, guests also had the chance to explore figurative works created using vintage 35mm camera and film by the young artist Lunabelle Beylerian, marking her impressive art debut.

The entire space came alive with mesmerizing immersive art projections guided by 3D artist Lady Bambs, further enhancing the overall sensory experience of the event.

“Resonance” was documented using state-of-the-art 360-degree cameras and cutting-edge binaural audio technology. Additionally, an innovative metaverse gallery space was created for participants around the world who couldn’t attend the physical event.

The Metaverse Gallery

Visit the Resonance Exhibit in the Metaverse Gallery:

Resonance Art Talk

Gregory Beylerian’s talk on “Resonance” gives perspective on how Marcela Nowak’s “flowessence” paintings seamlessly interweave with Judith Bodart Beylerian’s art couture, Lunabelle Beylerian’s figurative images and Gregory Beylerian’s multi-dimensional artworks to create an elevating experience with the participants at the Vatom Inc. space.

Videography by Tara Mc Vicar

The Immersive Resonance Ritual

360° video & spatial audio recording of the Resonance Drum Circle created at Vatom Inc. headquarters, Venice CA. September 14, 2023.

A unified and exhilarating experience unfolded with all the participants even though it was the first time for many.

MC for the evening & drum circle co – facilitator: Ari Macht

Use your mouse, finger or virtual reality headset to look around the room. Use headphones to experience the spatial audio dynamics.

Gregory Beylerian Artworks

Gregory Beylerian is an internationally acclaimed multi-disciplinary artist who has developed a unique practice of merging diverse mediums with technology to transcribe energy into captivating art forms.  Beylerian’s work has won numerous international awards and has been featured in permanent collections and exhibited in galleries and museums internationally, including The Museum of Arts & Design NYC, Museum of Modern Art Yerevan, Peterson Automotive Museum LA, The ALMA Museum Boston, The Zorayan Museum Glendale, etc…

{ Click on the images to view the art in motion }

Judith Bodart Beylerian Fashion

Judith Bodart Beylerian is a celebrated Parisian couture artist based in L.A. whose one-of-a-kind bespoke Fashion creations, jewels and accessories have adorned the covers of major publications and warn by international celebrities, artists and dignitaries. Notable commissions include the creation of Julia Roberts wedding dress and her husbands’ wedding shirt. Judith’s work is inspired by vintage treasures discovered around the world, transformed with a contemporary vision that effortlessly becomes an extension of the wearer’s soul.

Judith Beylerian transformed the art of Marcela Nowak and Gregory Beylerian into textiles and utilized them to create the art couture.

{ Click on the images above to view the fashion in motion }

Pictured above: Emilee Wilson, Judith Beylerian, Leah Russell and Megan Kinney

Emilee Wilson is an esthetician, herbalist, and healer. She enjoys expressing herself through dance and fashion.

Leah Russell works across the realms of movement, art, and design. She is an Acro Yoga certified teacher and certified as an Animal Flow teacher. The combination of primal movement and acrobatics defines her signature style.

Megan Kinney is a songwriter, dancer and artist who released her debut EP, “So glad you exist” on August 31, 2020 and has released several successful singles since. She is an accomplished dancer and studied musical theater. She has performed live countless times, hypnotizing audiences with her mesmerizing movements and deeply heartfelt music. Listen to KINNEY

Marcela Nowak Artworks

Marcela Nowak is a visionary Polish multimedia artist, internationally published photographer, and celebrated recipient of the Red Dot Award. Nowak’s intricate painting collection, “Flowessence”, seamlessly intertwines botanical and coral motifs, conjuring sensations that bridge the gap between the terrestrial and the aquatic. Each stroke of her brush creates a conduit for emotions and reflections, inviting guests to explore the depths of their own souls.

Lunabelle Beylerian Photographs

Lunabelle Beylerian is a photographer presenting her figurative works publicly For the first time. Her images express feminine freedom and contributes to the movement of seeing women as an art form. These images were created using vintage 35mm camera and film.

Photos of The Resonance Experience

These photographs are available for press, high resolution available upon request. photography credit: Jose Zakany

The photographs below are available for press, high resolution available upon request. photography credit: Eric Sheng