Sound Exploration with virtuoso cellist Michael Fitzpatrick

I had the honor and pleasure to explore sound with Michael Fitzpatrick at EarthStar with Michael Vest and John X. To say it was an extraordinary experience does not communicate the mystical nature of the evening. Jose Zakany joined to capture the magic of the night with his cameras.

John X, Michael Vest, and I have been exploring the doorway of improvisational music for many years together with countless guests, currently using the group name “Portizar”. This night will not be forgotten!


Virtuoso-cellist and 5-String Electric Cellist Michael Fitzpatrick is recipient of The Prince Charles Award for Musical Excellence conferred by HRH The Prince of Wales, now His Majesty King Charles III.
He has shared the world stage with His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama for the past two decades, prompting His Holiness to state: “The emotion induced by Michael Fitzpatrick’s music is so powerful, 
it seems almost verbalized. His sound is Clear Light.”