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Hi everybody. So what we’re about to introduce to you is a revolutionary next step into the movement of our society and I’ll just break it down for you very quickly. It still is abstract for most people, it’d be like trying to explain to you what an iPhone is before you had ever seen or used one. Essentially what the metaverse will be for us, which the Armenian Church is entering into as a first is a way for people to access in an immersive way like never before, the knowledge, wisdom, mysticism  and the treasures of the Armenian Church. All to come together and be accessible by anybody in the world. So you could think of it like this, the Armenian church as being the holder or care taker of the essentials of body, mind and heart, everything a society needs. 

The church always expressed that wisdom through a priest who was able to transmit that that vision in the context of the times. And of course, we revere father Vasken, because he’s contextually relevant, and is able to transmit the wisdom of the church into a way that we can understand. That’s a vital capability that I’ve always recognized in him. Then there is the close relationship with the artist, which is a person who can relate to the priest, and transform his message into the medium of the times. So at one time, it was stone, if we go back two thousand years, the artist absorbed the messages of the priest that came through the doors of the of the church and carved it into stone and built structures, made khachkars (stone crosses that hold information).  Then paper and pigment came for which words and visions were translated onto to create manuscripts. Those manifested forms (mediums) allowed for the community to comprehend and relate to the message. Then the huge leap was the invention of the printing press. Now the Bible that could only be found handmade from one church to the other, could be had in every home. This revolutionized the ability to have informational access to every human being. 

Now we’re at the next stage, what we’re about to present to you is the next revolutionary leap in development of technology from the printing press to the metaverse. We’re very early but we’re the first to bring this to the Armenian Church. What we’re about to show you is pretty mind blowing and we hope you get inspired by what we’re doing here. It’s very exciting, because it’s going to be able to bring all that resonates from the ancient illuminated wisdom to anybody, anywhere in the world. For example, we visited the Down Syndrome Community in Yerevan, and we captured the profound experiences with this technology. Soon you’ll be able to visit virtually these environments and access these people and this wisdom and these teachings. This “inheritance” as these gentleman described it,  imagine our inheritance now accessible to someone on the other side of the world with a $40 phone in a way that’s so immersive, you will think you could be standing in Echmiadzin (the mother church or any other sacred site) and experience a transmission. Are you guys ready?