Follow The Heart

It’s true that my life has been engineered to follow my heart and go where it’s intuitive impulses guide me towards. This approach has led me down a very diverse, colorful path of excitement, beauty and exploration. There are repeating themes like the figurative works, which have been with me since the beginning and are a through line that I can’t imagine ever leaving my heart. However, at the core of all these exercises, is the practice of nurturing creativity. This is the heart of everything in my life and the value, that I can raise the quality of my own existence and that of the community or the lives that I cross paths with. Let’s say that creativity is at the heart of this journey and the flow line drawing exercise, as I’m demonstrating here is a meditative practice that I utilize to allow myself to experience falling into a flow state, where I let my mind open into a nonjudgmental awareness and the heart becomes the attention point for which I follow.