Crossroads of art and technology

Speaking with celebrated curator Ronnie Pirovino and Greg Pulier of Vatom Inc about the merging of technology and art to deploy a new awareness in the collective contemporary culture. Vatom Inc has established itself as the leader and in a way, the only company currently that has developed an infrastructure of Metaverse, NFT, NFT marketplace, and IOS app that integrates a geographical map overlay into the user experience. The discussion of this meeting evolved around the utilization of these new technological achievements in a creative manner to facilitate a beneficial human experience.

As an artist that practices being in observance and in recognition of the dynamics of these times we live in, there is no shortage of concern, fear, anxiety, and depression resonating thru the collective narrative. A post-pandemic hangover that has morphed into a world war 3 media bombardment scare that has kept the world on a perpetual drip of fear and anxiety, wreaking havoc on the wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

The message has become clear, the heart is in shambles. Humanity needs heart not just to survive, to thrive. Imagine life without it, or just look at the quality of the current cultural collective in these times, you can say this is the consequence of a malnourishment. When the heart closes, we lose our way, for the heart is our compass. The heart is a link to our deeper self, our core, the link to the divine, the link to us all. It does not matter what your orientation is, whether a person uses the word god or compassion, energy does not lie, fear and anxiety are the the consequence of a heart without love. This sounds esoteric to those who do not explore spirituality or peractice inward observation but the feeling is universal regardless, just see if you can relate. The limitations of language and cultural references can confuse the message, if we can listen to the essence beyond the definition of the word, we can undertsand the truth of the problem, the solution is the same.

To deploy Unity Consciousness is the solution to a fragmented society. A fragmented society is a depraved heart on the indevidual level. Therefore by constrructing systems to support Unity building by way of the dynamics of unconditional love. This is not esoteric philosophy, this is essential to all life. The consequences we are experiencing can be understood as the result of keeping reality seperate from our wishes. When we can accept that what we all truly want is peace and co existance, perhaps then the realization will acivate when one realizes that key is within. To realize that the key to our hearts is in our own pocket and that is the first step to turning the social disruption into a more harmonious existance. The realization that love is the only option because no other key can open the heart. Dont wait for someone else to do it for you.

At my current state of awareness I think the artist approach can be frank and present, direct and simple as there is not much space in the intellect for poetic interpretation. It seems this is not an era of critical thinking, that could explain why it has become so easy to manipulate the masses thru media. The simple solution is to remind people every day and in every way that there is a simple solution to the problems we see in the world. The dynamics of love and all the qualities that resonate about love. It is unfortunate that the word love can carry the reminance of the dirty acid tripping hippie of the late sixties, a successful smear campaign engineered well to disrupt that anti war movement, that still lingers today. Deploy LOVE thru all your means of communication, the metaverse will be next, the integrity and soverngty of NFT’s, will be next, they will broaden the connection and integrity of that transmission. The expression of love consciousness creatively is next, is now. Choose that, it is your right as a human being, regardless of the profession. Regardless of gender identity, you have a choice, regardless of political or religouse position you identify with. This is the way if you want a more peaceful world, do not postpone this or distract the mission by thinking others do not want this, start with yourslef, it will be your greatest chakllenge and accomplishment. Do not believe any leader who insists on any other way. Do a little digging and you will see that they do not have your best interests at heart, every stone uncovered continues to reveal collusion, corruption, power and greed. Until you can see thru the illusion, you will continue to experience and unknowingly be contributing to the hysteria by complying with the polarization, seperation, dis unity and hate, all toxic to the heart.

In other words, it is time for a peaceful revolution of the heart. open it and join us to build the world we dream to live in. Lets make it a reality by coming together on this unified front. For those who can not see it or have lost their use of creativity. Recognize why school systems should never cut art from the curriculum by way of a budgetary excuse. Without a vision, societies perish. We are not talking about raising a Picasso, we need creativty in every corner of our society, the fuel of the heart, to move us toward the light, not the darkness. Now…