The LILA Burbank Mural

The 2018 LILA mural project has been designed to accommodate the 8th grade level of maturity and needs as these students grow closer to thinking about who they want to become as adults. The objective of this project is to present intellectually and in practice two fundamental concepts, Courage and Imagination, which are critical to living a fulfilling life regardless of the career path chosen. 

We use the language of the arts to nurture the relationship with each participants inner voice and encourage true and free expression, all of which will manifest itself on a 10’x60’ wall. We will face our fears as we stare at the huge blank surface, to engage it with courage and imagination, without letting the power of fear control or contrive our potential. We can not say what the outcome will be, however everyday that we will face that wall, we will be reminded to trust our intuition and be respectfully mindful. 

The message:  In order to realize our dreams, we need to first IMAGINE them and then have the COURAGE to follow thru. To do this, we practice listening and trusting our intuition. 

Before the creative process begins, we took the students on a history lesson of modern and contemporary art leading up to the current movements of the street art phenomenon happening around the world. We showed them how different styles of expression formed and the ways in which artists pushed the boundaries defining what art is.

We will help each student bring their visions to reality thru practical art techniques and exercises.

As guides (Jude, Greg & Francois), Our objective will be to help visually unify all 45 student voices into a cohesive and dynamic mural that holds the story of this journey for the LILA community.

Thanks to the Artist and Residence program with LILA,  we can impart these learning experiences to our children thru the enjoyable and memorable process of collaborative art creation.

Greg and Jude Beylerian

The Completed Mural

lila burbank mural gregory beylerian
lila burbank mural left side

Left Side

lila burbank mural right side

Right Side

The 8th Grade Team