Jockey Brand Campaign

The Hero Shot

Project Information

  • Commissioned by Jockey International to create a new brand look for their Sport Mesh series of underwear.
  • 10 separate images were made, representing each of the new underwear designs for the international market.
  • This project won the 2011 American Graphic Design Award.
  • The look created for the hero shot and subsequent 10 images were inspired from Beylerian’s lighting technique developed from The Pole Project series.

The Team

  • Art Direction: Kristin Schroeder
  • Model: Aaron / Ford Modeling Agency
  • Lighting & Digital tech: Jose Zakany
  • Stylist: Judith Bodart Beylerian
  • Hair & Make up: Stacy
  • Photographers assistant: Kari Castrogiovanni
  • Advertising Agency: Turner Duckworth

The Hang Tag

  • The hang tag for this project won the 2011 American Graphic Design Award.

Behind The Scenes

Shot at SmashBox Studios in Culver City, Los Angeles.