Commissions cover 5 categories: Private, Corporate, Educational, Public and Photographic. Scroll down to view each category for more details.

Private Painting Commissions

Private painting commissions are a site specific and intimate development experience with the owner and home. This process utilizes the opportunity to create a work of art to fit particular size requirements of any space. Once the measurements have been decided, photographs of the space are taken of the ambiance, interior design, etc. These design elements are absorbed and integrated into the creation process of the painting commission.

Quantum Landscape Noir

10 x 4 foot Painting Commission

Quantum Landscape

72 x 72 inch Painting Commission

Corporate Commissions

Corporate commissions involve collaboration dynamics with developers, architects and primarily the owner of the building. Each project has specific design challenge that need to be met while integrating artistic innovation and beauty. This is a partial selection of the corporate commissions, view the Projects page for a complete overview.

Seven Murals at Lex Live


Moby Dick Mural

Vista Village, CA

Buena Park Murals

Buena Park, CA


Monrovia, CA

Wall of Fame

Monrovia, CA

Educational Commissions

Educational Commissions are also referred to as “artist in residence” experiences that range from three to ten weeks long. These are collaboration projects with students, ranging in all age groups and designed to teach “flow dynamic” exercises to develop the creative process that is not regularly taught in the school system, yet empowers any career path. Projects are engineered to the maturity and age level of the students, bringing exposure to various mediums including: sculpture, painting, drawing, murals, photography, new technology, etc.

Come Together 

Burbank, CA

Early Learning Center

Silverlake, CA

LILA Totem

Silverlake, CA

Dream Big

Silverlake, CA

Opening Eyes

Hollywood, CA

Public Commissions

Public works commissions are projects developed for cities and municipalities that are often the result of artist calls. These can be sculptural installation requests to murals proposals associated with new architectural development projects or city rejuvenation programs.

A.R. Torso Sculpture

New York City

Link To Project

7th Ave. Liquid Crystal Mural

New York City

Link To Project

Western Ave A.R. Mural

Los Angeles

Link To Project

Mid-Town LCD Mural

New York City

Link To Project

International Airport


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Photographic Commissions

Photographic commissions range from corporate branding, non profit to private portrait and figurative. A more comprehensive list of projects can be found under Projects and the art archives.

Jockey Brand Campaign

HomeBoy Industries

Coffee Table Book

Pole Dance

Coffee table Book

Figurative Works

The Painted Nude