Celebrating 25 Years

8 x 14 Feet artwork sandwiched between pure grade acrylic, mounted in a black lacquered floating box frame.

22 artworks were commissioned to celebrate Krikorian Theatres 25 years of innovative theatre construction. These works were developed onto a special metallic surface which was sandwiched between two sheets of pure grade acrylic and framed in lacquered wood floating box frames. The vibrant and impactful presence of these pieces were designed to illuminate the walls of the corporate  headquarters.

The central artwork measures 8 x14 feet and is designed to represent all of the theatre projects that were developed in the chronological order of 25 years. The background textures were created from collaged newspaper articles about the Krikorian Theatres, reflecting the innovations made to the movie going industry and the positive impact brought to each community a Krikorian theatre was built in.