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Here is the text from the interview:

Today we’d like to introduce you to Gregory Beylerian.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
My story begins at a very early age where I discovered two things relatively unconsciously.

  1. I found myself enjoying greatly the process of making things. I was constantly experimenting with materials and dissembling toys then reconstructing them in new ways.
  2. I noticed very quickly that if I gave my father one of the things I had created for his birthday, Christmas or Father’s day, he would light up with joy. My father was not an affectionate person per se, very busy and strict at times, so finding this access point to his love was tremendous for me. When I look back, it becomes obvious that this dynamic influenced and nurtured my devotion to becoming an artist.

I was accepted to the University of my choice (Rochester Institute of Technology) with the portfolio of those things I made for my father as gifts in my youth. Not one piece was a school art project, as I never took art courses. While at R.I.T. I spent four years exploring diverse mediums and processes and then lived in Milan Italy for two years where I received my Master’s Degree in Art & Design.

After those two beautiful years in Italy, I came back to my hometown of New York City where I apprenticed for Gaetano Pesce for a year in Soho. I was in a phase of my life wondering how to live as an artist in a society that did not present a clear cut path doing so. Gaetano was one of the only inspirations I could find who was merging artistic expression into commerce via architecture, furniture, and design.

Then I felt a calling again, packed what I could on my motorcycle and rode for two weeks, camping every night until I made it to Los Angeles. What my family thought was just a temporary phase became my permanent residence. There was something about LA, I could hear myself, feel my pulse, with no pressure to be any certain way except my way.

I took a break from all the school, and work obligations that had been deemed so important by others and I got jobs working construction, swinging hammers outdoors, learning about concrete and reconstructing homes damaged in the earthquakes. Working with friends outdoors, following the rhythms of the sun, it was a dream actually!

Then I felt the calling again and got a job working for the creative department at Disney Consumer Products for three years, coming up with all kinds of new designs for the six standard characters, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, and Daisy. That was a great time and just like the time in construction, everything I learned while at Disney would become integral to the next steps of my life.

Once again finding myself at a crossroads, I had to decide if I was ready to take the leap and live from my studio full time or do I get another job working for someone else. I chose to listen to my heart and not my fear. Did the fear go away, not quite but the result has been a profoundly beautiful journey that continues to blossom.

I have arranged my studio and mind in such a way that I am absolutely free to pursue what inspires me and captures my interest. This approach has given me the ability to touch a diverse range of mediums, processes, genres, etc. It has not been simple because I love painting, sculpture, photography, music, poetry, video, the list goes on.

I had to reconcile with myself that in a way, I want to live a life that the culture I live in sees as a dozen different careers. So the way I overcome the seemingly impossible task of wearing so many hats is to face my consciousness. By that I mean I practice commitment and to give absolute sustained focus to whatever it is I am working on.

These foundational techniques of my creative process are adopted from a four year period of my life from age 18 to 22 when I devoted my extracurricular time to studying with a Buddhist Shaolin master. It has been the core of his teachings to me that I have adopted into my own art-making process, regardless of medium. Therefore my work has become my meditation process and the best part of that is the practice does not get boring.

So what kind of projects does all this translate into? Well, I have an ongoing series (20 years) based on the Human Form where I merge photography, painting and other mediums with the nude. I have worked on many murals projects in various dimensions and mediums both interior and exterior spaces, private and public. I am a founding member of an experimental musical group called “GregJam” that is releasing an improvisational album on iTunes shortly called “Highland Revolution”.

I often collaborate with children and schools in all age groups to construct permanent 2d and 3d art installations. I have had various solo and group exhibitions where I reveal many of my explorations and usually merge paintings, drawings, photographs, sound and performance art. Commissions also happen somewhat regularly, which have included collaborations with Homeboy Industries to create their coffee table book.

Projects come from unexpected places as I have also been commissioned by The Western Diocese to construct a large scale installation addressing the centennial of The Armenian Genocide. It may be difficult to understand how one person fits the description of working with nudity, the church, children and gang members but like I said earlier, I am simply doing my best to be me and these expressions are a reflection of that.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Perhaps the greatest struggle I have had to contend with is finding my way. To get to a place where the external influences and pressures are not distorting and redirecting my path. Fear is such a powerful influencer, it is hard to imagine taking the path towards exploring one’s dreams (potential in life) without understanding that on some level we have to activate a kind of warrior attitude. I don’t mean violence or aggression, I am referring to the ability of not letting fear redirect ourselves away from what we can become.

It reminds me how it feels at every major crossroads of my life. Fear can always reveal itself in a new form. This is the challenge because when our intellect puts a mask on fear, we do not see it for what it is and unconsciously we self sabotage by avoiding what feels uncomfortable. I think for creatives, fear can be the most destructive obstacle in our lives. It is much easier to knock on a door to sell a vacuum. If the person slams the door in your face, you go to the next house.

However, if that vacuum was something you created with all your heart, one door slam can send you into a traumatic tail spin. Again, that’s why I like the graceful warrior metaphor; it’s not about being tough-skinned, it is about being wise to the truth of your life. If creating is what you love to do, then learn from each experience and move forward. Otherwise, the heart can shrivel up at the first sign of rejection and recede.

I think for those of us who decide to live a creative life, the richness will be determined by the depth of involvement in whatever we do. It is true that we can not control 100% of the world around us but we do have 100% control over ourselves. Those who take responsibility of their actions can better navigate the obstacles.

We’d love to hear more about what you do.
I run a multi-faceted artist studio that works with various mediums and processes, what ever is sparking in the moment.  Photography, painting, drawing, sculptural and sound are often integrated with each other using new and evolving technologies. I exhibit new work in galleries from time to time and sell originals and edition pieces that I have archived on my site.

I specialize in the photographic medium and its fusion with traditional paint and drawing mediums using new digital and print technologies. I have been commissioned to create artworks up to 30×40 foot for the interior of buildings or by individuals for art in their homes. I have created new brand Identity imagery for companies like Disney and Jockey and a coffee table book for HomeBoy Industries.

The studio also works with schools as an artist in residence program, collaborating with students ranging in age from 3 to 17, exposing them to the principles and process of the studio, going from concept to completion of murals and a sculpture garden. The studio also regularly works with and contributes to non-profit organizations that are most often related to the well being of children.

Because the human form is a continuous theme of my work for the last 20 years, I am sometimes known for and have received awards from this ongoing evolving series. So private commissions and collaborations with creatives like models, actors and dancers are a regular ongoing activity in the studio.

I would say that what I am most proud of and what sets me apart from others is the same thing. I have made a commitment to explore the possibility of who I am by leveraging my life and my work as one. In this way the process and the artwork are my stepping stones of transformation. My aspiration is to inspire others thru art and contribute to the expansion of awareness.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
The problem is not the obstacles of the past, it is the receding from them rather than looking for the possibility. So I would tell myself that whenever I feel fear, do not act from compulsion, instead pay attention and find a way. The heart of a seeker’s life is what I want to nurture within myself always.

Painted Art Nude Commission Installed


  • Name: “Painted Art Nude Commission”
  • Size: 30″x40″
  • Medium: Archival quality pigment print on hahnemuhle paper and mounted in a museum quality frame.
  • About: To view more details of this commissioned art nude project: CLICK HERE

The Highland Tree Sculpture Completed


  • Name: “The Highland Tree Sculpture”
  • Size: Sidewalk and 10 foot tree stump.
  • Medium: Concrete, Mexican river stones, acrylic paint, heavy gel medium and wood.
  • About: To view more details of this art project: CLICK HERE

The Flows Panels art commission installed

art commission


  • Name: “The Flow Panels”
  • Size: Two panels, each:72″x48″
  • Medium: Graphite, high flow acrylic paint and tissue paper glazed with a heavy gel medium on composite polymer board and framed in a floating box frame.
  • About: To view more details of this commissioned art project: CLICK HERE

PlayTime Panels Art Commission Installed


  • Name: “The PlayTime Panels”
  • Size: Two panels, each:72″x48″
  • Medium: Graphite, high flow acrylic paint and pigment prints on canvas mounted on composite polymer board and framed in a floating box frame.
  • About: To view more details of this commissioned art project: CLICK HERE

The SilverLake Mural is Complete

The 2018 LILA Silverlake Mural project is an artist in residence collaboration with Greg and Jude Beylerian and the Early Learning Center of The International School of Los Angeles (LILA) located in SilverLake, California. To learn more and see all the beautiful details of this project, CLICK HERE.

The Mural in Burbank is Completed

The 2018 LILA Burbank Mural Project is an artist in residence collaboration with Greg and Jude Beylerian and the 8th grade students at The International School of Los Angeles campus located in Burbank California. To learn more and see all the beautiful details of this very cool project, CLICK HERE

Portrait Commission Installed

This collections of 33 portraits was created over the span of 12 years, from 3 photographic sessions commissioned to capture the journey of a young family. The home is nestled in the beautiful Santa Monica mountains and was designed by the famed architect Ray Kappe. The frames were built to match the ambiance and fine craftsmanship of the space and were finely constructed using elegantly toned wood with French Cleat style hanging hardware.

IPA Photo Awards Prize for The Unveiled Series

international photo awards gregory beylerian

Click to To View Series


  • Name: “UNVEILED”
  • Prize: Honorable Mention / IPA International Photo Awards
  • Entry Description: VEIL – noun – A piece of fine material worn by a woman to protect or conceal the face and body. The veil has become a symbolic part of the current global conversation. Whether in the East or The West, to cover or not to cover, freedom or oppression, our beliefs are entangled in the struggle to find truth in our humanity. These photographs reflect an artists exploration into the beauty of the juxtaposition With the material, body and soul.

GregJam 99 with duduk master Norik Manukian

Last night I reunited with my duduk master who I spent 7 dedicated years with, learning to play duduk, toured with his ensemble and was on 2 of their records. .

Norik Manukian awakened me to my ancestral roots through an ancient musical sound tradition unique to Armenians. .

We formed a profound bond that was beautifully celebrated last night! .

He brought his duduk, shivi, zurna and clarinet to The EarthStar recording studio in Venice, CA.

Together with @spacebabies @johnx62 And @mrborromeo We fused the ancient Armenian mystical sounds into an improvisational musical playing experience that has influences of  Led Zepplin, The Grateful Dead and Miles Davis. .

The experience was beautiful and sublime. I am excited to soon share the recordings from this unique combination of instruments and sonic traditions.

Interviewed for Documentary Film Project

The film crew stopped by the studio to capture behind the scenes footage working / shooting in the studio and asked questions about my ancestral heritage.


Link to Project:


About the project:

Little Armenia is a 90-minute exploration of the Armenian experience in Southern California. Through a series of portraits of Armenians from all walks of life, the film looks at how they get there, start families and businesses, live and love, create art, assimilate into the mainstream, contribute to society and strive to excel at everything they do. At the same time, we try to answer some of the questions many of their fellow Angelinos have: ‘Who are these people? Where do they come from? Why are they here?’
Invariably our film also delves into the meaning of Armenian identity and ponders how this community aspires to project itself into the future. In other words, what will being Armenian look like in a hundred years? Targeted at Armenians and non-Armenians alike, Little Armenia is an informative and joyous celebration of Armenian life.

Give A Heart Print Release for Valentine’s Day

An edition series from the original “Heart” drawing is being made available at 13×19 inches. Archival giclée print on museum quality watercolor paper. Signed with the artist’s studio stamp on the back. Numbered edition of 100. $50 (frame not included).

A portion of the proceeds will support an organization I have worked with and have a lot of love and respect for: Homeboy Industries.

They represent transformation thru the power of love.

Free Shipping in the U.S.

The print is available in the studio store, Click Here.

With Father Gregory Boyle, the founder and director of HomeBoy Industries.

The Totem Project

The Lila Totem Project is the outcome of the 2017 Artist in Residence program with Greg and Jude Beylerian and 180 children in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades.

To view this project, CLICK HERE


Tokyo International Awards / 2nd Place


  • “TIFA” Tokyo International Foto Awards
  • “BodyWorks Series”
  • 2nd Place Winner

The Dream Big Mural project

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Einstein

dream big

“The Dream Big Project” Is a 40 foot mural commission that was created with 160 kids, inspired by a quote from Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than Knowledge”. This project brings awareness to the value of nurturing Imagination alongside knowledge within the scholastic system.


Micro Sculpture Prints Added to Collection

The “Micro Sculpture Prints” are a collection of 10 archival pigment photographs created using a high resolution macro capture device to represent the fine detail and dimensionality of these works. The average height of each micro sculpture is approximately 2 inches and the prints are 40 inches. The micro sculptures were originally constructed in 1990 and have been produced as a series of photographic prints in 2016.


100 Year Journey Added to Archives

The 100 Year Journey Installation has been described as a “portal” constructed from: 4 paintings, 39 works on paper, hundreds of photographs, two video projections, a soundtrack and commentary writings by Father Vazken Movsesian.


Speaker at The Reclaim Conference

Gave a talk at this conference called “The Art of Living The Life You Imagine”.

A dialogue on overcoming perception to live the life you desire.




The State Assembly Awards Exhibition

The California State Assembly presented a Certificate of Recognition to Gregory Beylerian and Father Vazken Movsesian for their work in creating the Multimedia Exhibition, “The 100 Year Journey”.


Flow Line Faces Come To The Surface



  • “From The Flow Line Series of Faces”
  • Size: 24″ x 36″
  • Medium: Ink, graphite and watercolor on  Arches museum paper.
  • These Flow Line Faces are from a series of drawings created around 2001 from collections that have not yet been cataloged in the  online archives.

Brand Campaign Wins American Graphic Design Award



  • Commissioned by Jockey International to create a new brand look for their Sport Mesh series of underwear.
  • 10 separate images were made, representing each of the new underwear designs for the international market.
  • This project won the American Graphic Design Award.


Preview of New Works

A new series with the working title “BodyWorks” is under way.



  • “BodyWorks” is the working title of the new series based on the human form. View these artworks by clicking the tag: BODYWORKS
  • Size: varying sizes
  • Medium: Ink, graphite, watercolor and photograph on  Arches museum paper.

Artwork auctioned at Gala under Space Shuttle




Art used For Book Cover


Book cover art by Gregory Beylerian. This work is part of the series from the “100 Year Journey”, to view all the art from this project about the Armenian Genocide  Click Here.

Interviewed on the “Next Step” podcast


Next Step #348: Artist Gregory Beylerian shares his thoughts on the “100 Year Journey” Portal experience (Scheduled for April 15-24 at the Zorayan Museum). The artist discusses with Fr. Vazken the evolution of the project and projections for peace. Topics of Armenian identity, transformation, moving from genocide to peace, consciousness, St. Vartan, connecting to the spirits of the past and living the moment, victory through love and truth. Here is a conversation that is part of a thought process that begins in the heart.

Listen to the podcast here:

100 Year Journey opens April 2015


“If You are against Genocide, you are for Peace”

“The 100 Year Journey” is a multi media experience about a descendant of genocide who returns back to his ancestral homeland 100 years later. This installation is a contemporary expression of ancient treasures discovered in the land, heritage and spiritual traditions. It is a portal into the heart of a people and the self. An offering for Peace today, a beacon of inspiration and empowerment for tomorrow.

Location: The Zorayan Museum Western Diocesan Headquarters 3325 North Glenoaks Blvd. Burbank, CA. 91504

Date: April 15th – 24th, 2015, open daily until 9pm Admission:Free

Opening Ceremony: Friday April 17 at 7pm.

The event will take place under the auspices of His Eminence Archbishop Hovnan Derderian Diocesan Primate.

Artist: Gregory Beylerian

Produced by: Fr. Vazken Movsessian

20 Works of Art Installed in New Office



  • 20 works of art chosen from collection to hang on the walls of a beautiful new and contemporary office space  in Studio City , CA.

Father & Son lecture at The Vignelli Center for Design Studies

Vignelli Center for Design Studies lecture

George M. Beylerian

My path was entrepreneurial and hinged around marketing design products and the exploration of categories for which I was never prepared, such as science and technology. My recent venture, Material ConneXion not only explored and researched innovative materials, but developed the idea into a library system with 7,000 entries! The future is yet to come!

George M. Beylerian was born in Alexandria, Egypt to Armenian merchant parents, and after emigrating to the US, graduated cum laude from New York University with a degree in business administration and marketing. He has worked in the fields of architectural hardware, innovative home furnishings and contract furniture. In 2010, Beylerian received the Visionaries Lifetime Achievement Award from the Museum of Art and Design (NYC) and in 2011 was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Interior Design Magazine. His latest venture was Material ConneXion, and Culture and Commerce which he sold in 2012.

Gregory Beylerian
It has been 24 years since I graduated from RIT and it is exciting to come back and connect with students who are where I once was. I want to talk about what time has shown me to be of value. This talk is about the loves, the adventures, and the created outcomes of living from my Flow. I want to inspire you to live courageously from yours.

Gregory Beylerian works in the mediums of photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, sound and poetry. His work often explores the use of new technologies, materials and processes to merge mediums in ways not traditionally possible. He has received various photography awards including IPA’s Fine Art Honors, certificates of recognition from the City of Los Angeles and has been featured in many journals and publications. The studio works with non profits to improve the human social condition.

Wednesday, May 8, 2014

University Gallery
James E. Booth Hall
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, New York

Parking Lot F

Reception to follow


Lo Maximo Event Celebrating Homeboy Industries’ 25th Anniversary and Book Release

The 2013 Lo Maximo event celebrated HomeBoy Industries 25th Anniversary and the release of the new book, “Hungry For Life” for which I did all the photography. Angelica Houston, Martin Sheen and Richard Cabral all toasted the achievements of Father Gregory Boyle and HomeBoys and the hosts for the evening were Lisa Ling, Jimmy Smits and Joe Torre. Warren Olney, who is the host and executive producer of the nationally syndicated program, “To The Point” introduced the book to the 1000 attending guests which included the Los Angeles Chief of Police.


The book “Hungry For Life”  is hot off the press with over 300 sold in under 2 hours.


Pati Zarate, the creator of the recipes proudly presents the book to the guests at Lo Maximo.


Pati and Alisha, who is a HomeGirl that apprenticed at the highly regarded restaurant, Bouchon, owned by the renowned chef Thomas Keller.


Guests enjoying delicious appetizers prepared by the HomeGirls of HomeGirl Cafe.


Detail of a delicious dip with white wine, classic SoCal dining!


1000 Guests listening intently to the deeply moving transforming stories told by the HomeBoys and HomeGirls of HomeBoy Industries.


Greg, Jude, Kim and Alain with Father Gregory Boyle, celebrating his 25 year anniversary of HomeBoy Industries.

Collaboration with Predator Cycling

A fun collaboration project with custom bicycle builder and owner Aram Goganian of Predator Cycling. He gave me one of his custom built frames to paint, then he tricked it out with hi end components.

We decided to do a photo shoot on Venice Beach, CA. near the birth place of Predator Cycling.

The Model: Amita

Hair , make-up and styling: Judith Beylerian

Art and Photography: Gregory Beylerian

Lighting Support: Jose Zakany

To see more bicycles by Predator, go to:


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