contemporary figurative artwork

Form Follows Being

 "Form Follows Being" plays on the popularized adage /…
fine art portrait
contemporary figurative artwork

Liberate Consciousness

I can't imagine anything more beautiful than liberated…

Liquid Spirals

  Experimental music art video by Gregory Beylerian Model:…
contemporary figurative art

Striving for Profound not Profane

My figurative work represents the feminine as profound, not…
video art portrait

Wood Face Kinetic Portrait

 A kinetic portrait created by merging hi resolution…
contemporary abstract art
contemporary artwork

Kent Barn

freedom contemporary art


framed contemporary art

Heart Holds Flower

 This work of art is constructed by merging a mixed…
abstract contemporary art

Illuminating Face

 This artwork merges the traditional mediums of acrylic…
contemporary art portrait of george Beylerian

Portrait of George Beylerian on his Honeymoon

This portrait is based on a photograph of my father when…
true power is self mastery

True power is mastery of the self

"True power is mastery of the self"
contemporary figurative art

Explore the poetic dimensions

"I use various tools as an artist to explore the poetic dimensions…
figurative art video
contemporary figurative portrait of Jordan Kensley by Gregory Beylerian

Honor The Feminine

 Honor the feminine, it's where beauty comes from.
contemporary art video by gregory beylerian
drum circle

Drum Circle at Highland Dream

A drum circle was hosted at the Highland Dream studio space…
remo art djembe by Gregory Beylerian

Art Djembe

The Art Djembe drum was created to inaugurate the first drum…
a multi medium work of contemporary abstract art

Fire In The Hole


Seeking The Beauty of Truth

 When people ask me what my work is about, I tell them regardless…
art for mothers day

For mothers who carried our souls into this world with love

"For mothers who carried our souls into this world with love" Paper…
Figurative photo art by Gregory Beylerian
contemporary figurative art
contemporary figurative art

Transcending Perception

"Transcending Perception" In reflection of my work on…

Vivians Flowers

  Vivian's Flowers, 2019 Paper laminated MDF,…
contemporary figurative art

Figures 5

Figures #5 Paper laminated MDF, primer, gesso, pigment…

Figures #3

contemporary figurative art

Figures 4

Figures #4 Paper laminated MDF, primer, gesso, pigment…