Color Forms

Captured and Released

contemporary abstract art exercise

Face 11 29 20

contemporary video art by Gregory Beylerian

Witch Seeker

Happy Thanks Giving

drawing of 1986 vw westy pop top camper

The Adventure Poem

The Male Sequence

This work of contemporary art is a figurative depiction of…
contemporary abstract paintings by gregory beylerian

Quantum Landscape Components

Abstract is freedom. . To be in creation mode without the…
contemporary figurative artwork by gregory beylerian

Is the expression of freedom

A contemporary figurative work of art by Gregory Beylerian…

At the heart of drawing lines

Thru The Curtains

contemporary art hung on wall

Sweet Harmonics

There are sweet harmonics when art and framing is fine tuned…

The Creative Life

 We restored a 1986 Volkswagon Vanagon Weekender pop top…

Quantum Landscape, a painting with sound

 When I look to the source of my creative process, I see…
mamik and babik contemporary art

We are our mountains

This work of art is based on a monument by sculptor Sargis…

Beauty is a consequence of love

 After years of observation thru a lens, I see that beauty…
brand campaign merging art with advertising

Jockey Sport Mesh Underwear

The photographic aspect to this work was commissioned by…
contemporary figurative art

The Introspective Journey

 Blue symbolizes the introspective journey that explores…

Dream Time

 Dream time is when magic happens. Awake time is to bring…

Country Couture

 “Country Couture” - my sexy lady takes a scenic walk…

Art Tools Travel Kit

 Art Tool Travel Kit Fall 2020: DJI Mavic Air 2 Timbuk2…

Ghazanchetsots Cathedral

I visited Ghazanchetsots Cathedral in 2014 with my close…

Support Artsakh

 DNA from a 7 thousand year old tooth found in a Cave in…
kim kardashian art

Kim Kardashian wearing Skims for Selfridges

Creating figurative art of Kim Kardashian wearing Skims for…
contemporary figurative fine art

Thru The Studio Mirror 2

contemporary fine art portrait

Resonance Shapes Form

contemporary figurative art by gregory beylerian

Thru the studio mirror

  The One minute version:
contemporary figurative artworks

Triumph over Adversity

Triumph over adversity. Beauty is the spirit that rises from…
contemporary figurative art

The primordial flame awakens


Action Painting a 70×70 inch Canvas

This 2 minute video reveals a glimpse from one night of painting, It…