Life is beautiful

contemporary figurative art

Judge Less / Love More

Round Rump

The original image used to create this circular work of art…
new media contemporary figurative art

Divine Geometry

Blue Nude

 A new media figurative work of art created by merging…
new media figurative art

Come Alive

 A new media figurative work of art that incorporates…

Galactic Beauty

 This figurative work of art incorporates an…
contemporary figurative art

The Primordial Landscape

new media figurative art

Lines Come Alive

contemporary figurative art

Quantum Figure

Kinetic Figurative

 A figurative work of art that merges the dynamics of 2…

Footsteps at the horizon

Version 1:  Music: GregJam This moving kaleidoscopic…

Essence Ecosystem

 4 Art Stills from Essence Ecosystem:

Ghost in the machine


Geometric Resonance

Mandalic Forms

 The music: Duduk improvisation 5 13 2021.

Neon Lotus

A contemporary work of art that tunes visual dynamics with…

Skull Form


Breath of Fire – 7 Prints

These images were first captured April 1, 2016, the color processing,…

Matrix Formed

 Exploring figurative expression by merging the dynamics…

Form Follows Frequency

  Form Follows Frequency touches the dynamics of consciousness…

Flow Dynamics for Art and Life

 Exercises in Flow Dynamics. . Using, art, toys, tools…


Tap the quantum dimension thru the doorway of now and paint…



Thunder Cat

 Selected stills from Thunder Cat: …


Details from L.O.V.E.:

Quantum Leap

 Music created in collaboration with Nico Borromeo. Below…