contemporary abstract painting

Presence Painting With Lunabelle

Presence painting collaboration with Lunabelle Beylerian
contemporary abstract portrait

Flow Exercises With Luna

This is the outcome of a collaboration drawing flow exercise…
contemporary figurative artwork

Thunder Heart

contemporary figurative art

Strung Out

"Strung Out" is from a series of figurative works of art…

We are sculptural reflections

We are sculptural reflections of natures divine beauty.
contemporary figurative art
figurative art photograph

You Can't Fake Grace

"You can not fake the sublime dynamics of grace".

Opinions are not facts

When someone tells me what they see in the art, sometimes…
contemporary figurative art

Dreams Are The Exorbitant Masters #2

This work of art was originally created in 2004 and is the…
contemporary figurative artwork

Form Follows Being

 "Form Follows Being" plays on the popularized adage /…
fine art portrait
contemporary figurative artwork

Liberate Consciousness

I can't imagine anything more beautiful than liberated…

Liquid Spirals

  Experimental music art video by Gregory Beylerian Model:…
contemporary figurative art

Striving for Profound not Profane

My figurative work represents the feminine as profound, not…
contemporary figurative art

Shape Shifter

contemporary figurative video art

Fluid Mechanics Of The Ghost Ship

Dancer: Brynn Route Improvised Music: GregJam 110 Track…
contemporary video artwork


 This work merges an older work from the early 2000's period…
contemporary figurative art

Dream Time

contemporary figurative art

She is Liquid Pastels

contemporary art and music by Gregory Beylerian

Nickles and Dimes

 Contemporary art and music by Gregory Beylerian
video art portrait

Wood Face Kinetic Portrait

 A kinetic portrait created by merging hi resolution…
contemporary figurative video art

Time Bomb

contemporary abstract art
contemporary artwork

Kent Barn

A portrait of young Picasso

A Portrait of Young Picasso

The video artwork is a moving portrait of an older Picasso…
freedom contemporary art


framed contemporary art

Heart Holds Flower

 This work of art is constructed by merging a mixed media…
abstract contemporary art

Illuminating Face

 This artwork merges the traditional mediums of acrylic…
contemporary art portrait of george Beylerian

Portrait of George Beylerian on his Honeymoon

This portrait is based on a photograph of my father when…
true power is self mastery

True power is mastery of the self

"True power is mastery of the self"