The Tolerant of Limiting Beliefs

“Tolerance” – is her name.

A mixed media portrait representing the resonant dynamics of a meditative technique to remain compassionate in the face of concretized thinking.

A feminine depiction of the energetic aspect. “Slayer” is the masculine aspect of the same dynamic. Both portraits represent the symbolic nature of the god form of man. A god form is just an other way of saying our possibility to rise to a capability for which exists in our human potential.

The portrait allows the psyche to recognize the narrative in a functional form of relevance and familiarity, while integrating communication dynamics which should contain vibrational qualities of flow state during the creative making / creation process.

The portrait is as the mirror, for not of the individual only, it functions for the society and spread for which the image travels. The duality allows the observational experience to be personal just as the work lives on a specific wall somewhere, even if virtual. This identifies a locality in one aspect. There is also the aspect of the non physical or formless dimension of its existence, which exists in the collective library of what can be called by many names, consciousness, akashic record, quantum field, divine intelligence, etc. A dimension of intelligence that exists everywhere and is not bound by time or space for which connects of existence with everything that is in it.

Inspirations come from ancient depictions of Armenian goddesses, Armenian princesses and The Virgin Mary.