My Mind Mirror

This work of art starts with a simple placing process of animals and objects that I think reflect the personality of the person posing for this painting. The green forested aspects are the first to be laid down, soft and cozy. Then the serpents came, everywhere, sensual and slithering with dynamic grace just as she was. Next comes the flowers, with their delicate essence then back to placing more snakes then more flowers. With a tomboy twist to her personality, toy cars began to make their way into the image. Until this moment, the work felt like a portrait of her however things begin to shift at this point. Motorcycles, rocket ships, fire trucks and teddy bears start popping up everywhere. Teddy Bears??? Well Jeff Koons is popping into my framework, it’s that master who transformed Kitch into high art. Then for a moment, I can hear Urs Fischer’s laughter which is quickly quieted as soon as diamond rings begin popping up everywhere. Was it the influence of the bride-to-be who just left the studio with her bespoke bridal dress created by Jude? There is no doubt a Freudian protocol can peer attentively into the details of this work, only to realize what I am looking at is “My Mind Mirror…”