Drum Circle at Club Joyful


This drum circle was facilitated for a men’s group hosted at Club Joyful in Venice, California. No prior experience of any kind is needed with this drum circle approach as the facilitation protocol utilizes the love & truth meditation: Practice placing conscious awareness on breathing from the belly button while the mind is kept in open observation (without judgment, discrimination, or opinion) to allow the heart to flower open, an unconditional loving resonance. By using an improvisational framework, the drum circle induces a dynamic attention on now / presence creating an experience where the whole system aligns, to be guided by the higher mind in a flow state.

Equipment used: The 360° video was captured using an Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 camera. Due to the low light challenges, the image was playfully experimented with. The design of this camera also overheats due to a design flaw so when the image goes black, it’s because the camera stopped due to overheating. The Binaural / spatial audio was captured using a zoom h3-vr