The 100 Year Journey

A commemorative art installation for the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

“If You are against Genocide, you are for Peace”

Artworks by a descendant of genocide who returns to his ancestral land 100 years after the tragedy.

“The 100 Year Journey is not only an exploration and celebration of a peoples’ proud ancient and spiritual history, it is a dialogue of peace. I imagine that this is what my ancestors wanted most during their darkest hour. Therefore I think it is our responsibility today to honor the past by contributing to a peaceful tomorrow. If you are against genocide then you are for peace.” – Gregory Beylerian

Dialogue with Father Vazken about the 100 Year Journey

Listen to This conversation for a better understanding of what the installation is about:

The Zorayan Museum

Installation open to the  public from April 15th – 24th, 2015.

The 100 Year Journey Installation has been described as a “portal” constructed from the following artworks created by Gregory Beylerian: 4 paintings, 39 works on paper, hundreds of photographs, two video projections, a soundtrack and commentary writings by Father Vazken Movsesian. This project has been produced in collaboration with Father Vazken Movsesian, founder of In His Shoes Organization. To learn more about this Organization please visit:

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