Sculptural Objects

The Highland Tree Sculpture Completed

July 10, 2018/by beylerian
happy valentines day art

Happy Valentines Day Heart

February 14, 2017/by beylerian

Triangle and Wiggle

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Swirl and Copper

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Ribbons and Green

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Square and Tube

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Copper Cut Outs

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Steel Napkin

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Sphere and Line

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Long Ribbon

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Cut Out Circles

November 11, 2016/by beylerian

Circle and Hole

November 11, 2016/by beylerian

Miniature Stone Buddha

September 4, 2016/by beylerian

Francesca The Painted Cow

January 5, 2016/by beylerian

Vessel of Light

December 24, 2015/by beylerian
tea light holder

Firefly Candelabra

November 29, 2015/by beylerian

Snowflake Link Garlands

January 29, 2015/by beylerian

Carafe in Black with Love and Kindness

January 14, 2015/by beylerian
painted carafe

Painted Carafe Noire

December 24, 2014/by beylerian
Rhino Sculpture by Gregory Beylerian


September 28, 2014/by beylerian
heart of mountains collaboration sculpture by greg and jude beylerian

Heart of Mountains, A Painted Sculpture

August 28, 2014/by beylerian

Voodoo Doll Cork Board for Design Ideas

August 26, 2014/by beylerian

King of Love and Compassion

December 19, 2013/by beylerian

George The Lion

December 1, 2013/by beylerian

Project Collaboration With Design Ideas

May 8, 2013/by beylerian
torso sculpture by beylerian

Fibonaccia – A Torso Sculpture inspired by The Golden Spiral

October 19, 2011/by beylerian

Custom Art Bicycle Photo Shoot – 6 images

April 15, 2011/by beylerian

Katana Inspired By Miyamoto Musashi

May 6, 2010/by beylerian

The Love Seat, A Painted Art Chair

January 4, 2010/by beylerian
hanging light sculpture

Hanging Light Sculpture

August 14, 2009/by beylerian
The quinn Lamp

The Quinn Lamp

April 19, 2009/by beylerian

Collaboration with Renowned Instrument Maker Joe Veillette

February 18, 2009/by beylerian
3 serving platters by gregory beylerian

3 Serving Platters

March 20, 2008/by beylerian
rotating outdoor heart sculpture

Rotating Outdoor Heart Sculpture

December 7, 2006/by beylerian

Organic Tiles designed for “Transformations: Nature & Beyond”

May 20, 2006/by beylerian

4 Faces Light

December 5, 2005/by beylerian

Heart Night Wall Light

May 1, 2004/by beylerian
love platter ceramic serving dish

Love Platter

June 16, 2003/by beylerian
love and truth talisman necklace

Love and Truth Talisman

February 21, 2003/by beylerian

The MedzMobile – Art Car

March 30, 2001/by beylerian

The Kent Sculpture

December 6, 1999/by beylerian

The Sacred Earth Cross

June 10, 1999/by beylerian
disney wall lamp

Wall Lamp for Disney Consumer Products

July 7, 1998/by beylerian

Painted Face Sculpture

May 21, 1998/by beylerian
face chair sculpture

Face Chair

July 7, 1994/by beylerian
lit picture frame

Lit Picture Frame

August 23, 1993/by beylerian


May 7, 1993/by beylerian
Heart Lamp Sculpture

Heart Lamp Sculpture

October 3, 1992/by beylerian
sculpture chair

Self Portrait Chair Sculpture

July 30, 1992/by beylerian

Seaweed Chair – Gaetano Pesce

January 10, 1992/by beylerian
chair light portrait sculpture

Chair Light Portrait Sculpture

July 29, 1991/by beylerian
nyc apartment

NYC Apartment – Gaetano Pesce

July 9, 1991/by beylerian

The Mourman Gallery – Gaetano Pesce

June 15, 1991/by beylerian
rolling fruit bowl

Rolling Fruit Bowl

May 21, 1991/by beylerian
tree lamp gaetano pesce

Tree Lamp – Gaetano Pesce

May 10, 1991/by beylerian

Alvar Aalto Restore Project – Gaetano Pesce

April 14, 1991/by beylerian
soft Pitcher

Soft Form Beverage Pitcher

March 17, 1991/by beylerian

The Square Lamp – Gaetano Pesce

March 7, 1991/by beylerian
gaetano pesce

The Airport Lamp – Gaetano Pesce

February 7, 1991/by beylerian
mosaic mirror chair

Mosaic Mirror Chair

June 7, 1990/by beylerian
glass table

Glass Table

December 20, 1989/by beylerian

Prickly Chair Sculpture

June 14, 1989/by beylerian
wall phone sculpture

Wall Phone

June 7, 1989/by beylerian
desk lamp design

Ambria Desk Lamp

March 15, 1989/by beylerian

Folding Chair

September 20, 1988/by beylerian

The Leaning Tower of Piza Toaster

April 15, 1988/by beylerian
soap dish

Soap Dish

November 30, 1987/by beylerian

Circle In A Square

October 10, 1987/by beylerian
wood lion

The Wood Lion

May 5, 1987/by beylerian
light sculpture

Wood Block Light Sculpture

February 11, 1987/by beylerian
chess sculpture

Chess Sculpture

July 21, 1985/by beylerian

Pin Sculpture

July 25, 1983/by beylerian


July 23, 1981/by beylerian

My First Radio

July 25, 1978/by beylerian


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