Welcome to the ART ARCHIVES of Gregory Beylerian. All work is cataloged in chronological order to view the evolution of the artist thru time.

body works contemporary art

BodyWorks 06032017

June 3, 2017/by beylerian

Friday Love Patterns Tickle My Bones

June 2, 2017/by beylerian

The Language of Curves

June 1, 2017/by beylerian

GregJam 72 Live

June 1, 2017/by beylerian

Flow Dynamics Integrated 05312017

May 31, 2017/by beylerian

Flow Dynamics Integrated 05302017

May 30, 2017/by beylerian

Micro Detail (from the Flow Dynamics Series)

May 29, 2017/by beylerian

Balance (Flow Dynamics 05262017)

May 26, 2017/by beylerian
breathe thru the chaos

Breathe Thru The Chaos

May 24, 2017/by beylerian
black and white nude

BodyWorks shoot with Inessa

May 20, 2017/by beylerian
subway ride contemporary art

Subway Ride

May 6, 2017/by beylerian

Flow Dynamics 4302017

April 30, 2017/by beylerian

Hot Pink and Gold

April 20, 2017/by beylerian

Flow Dynamics 4-1-17

April 1, 2017/by beylerian

Flow Dynamics 3-27-17

March 27, 2017/by beylerian

Torso Revisited

February 21, 2017/by beylerian

Torso BodyWorks

February 18, 2017/by beylerian
happy valentines day art

Happy Valentines Day Heart

February 14, 2017/by beylerian

Flow Dynamics with Lavender Leanings

February 4, 2017/by beylerian

Hip Drips

February 1, 2017/by beylerian

PyroTechnical Drawing #1

February 1, 2017/by beylerian

Flow Dynamics 1-31-17

January 31, 2017/by beylerian

Composition and Consciousness are Inseparable

January 23, 2017/by beylerian


January 21, 2017/by beylerian


January 21, 2017/by beylerian

Square Nipple

January 13, 2017/by beylerian

“Happy New Year”

January 1, 2017/by beylerian

Portrait of George with 60 Staples in Head

December 28, 2016/by beylerian

Illuminated BodyWorks

December 24, 2016/by beylerian

Susie Abromeit

December 11, 2016/by beylerian

Let it Flow BodyWorks

November 19, 2016/by beylerian
behind the scenes from bodyworks series

BodyWorks, Behind the Scenes Video

November 16, 2016/by beylerian

Triangle and Wiggle

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Swirl and Copper

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Ribbons and Green

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Square and Tube

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Copper Cut Outs

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Steel Napkin

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Sphere and Line

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Long Ribbon

November 12, 2016/by beylerian

Cut Out Circles

November 11, 2016/by beylerian

Circle and Hole

November 11, 2016/by beylerian

Torso 2.0

September 16, 2016/by beylerian

Seeking beauty is at the Heart of Humanity

September 16, 2016/by beylerian

Miniature Stone Buddha

September 4, 2016/by beylerian

Ergonomics of Consciousness

August 25, 2016/by beylerian
faces 08142016

Faces 08142016

August 14, 2016/by beylerian

Faces 08072016

August 7, 2016/by beylerian

Match (Mohammad Ali)

August 1, 2016/by beylerian
flow dynamics artwork

Flow Dynamics 071216

July 13, 2016/by beylerian